A Heartfelt Welcome

 We are the Association of Ayurveda Professionals World Wide - we serve Ayurveda

This association is a platform for Ayurveda professionals and interested alike. The aim is the worldwide exchange with maximum bandwidth. Tis concerns the experience of the daily work as  a single therapist as well as clinical experiences of medical teams or the dissemination of studies on Ayurveda. Through international networking and exchange of experience, we receive the greatest possible and competent support from each other.

We serve Ayurveda 

> As an independent and objective contact point, we would like to make evaluations of Ayurvedic establishments, practices or other facilities possible.

An important concern of our association is to strengthen the relationship between the places of origin of Ayurveda and all those who wish to draw from this treasure.

We support this connection through seminars in India that promote exchange and nurture our relationships.
Our first study trip in November 2014 led us to Ayurved Mahavidyalaya & Seth R. V. Ayurved Hospital, Sion in Mumbai. 

> On 12. - 22. November 2018, the unique opportunity for a further study trip will emerge again. The Registration Form
he conditions of participation will be found in the next days under "study trip 2018".

AAPWW is a merger of active members and Ayurveda patrons. We rely on initiative, cooperation and good relationships to reinforcing Ayurveda - we serve Ayurveda!